Facility Usage Analytics

Facility Usage Analytics is a term we have coined to represent the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of traffic within your organization.

Just as your corporate website uses Web Analytics to understand how your digital resources are being consumed by users, PROXBOX similarly lets you track the usage of your facilities to understand bottlenecks and improvements in infrastructure or services at key times.

PROXBOX provides an elegant solution to help track door openings and movement delivering the data conveniently for you to analyze.


Roll Utilization Monitoring

Industrial processes including filtration systems consume rolls at various rates depending on the rate of production or particular use. Having the roll run out can mean costly downtime on the factory floor.

By integrating RFID stickers into the roll core, managers are alerted by SMS before the roll is fully consumed so they can prepare the replacement and minimize downtime.

The inventory management integration means an automatic update to the inventory and subsequent action to make an order where necessary.


Quick Gas Automation

PROXBOX can be used to improve service when filling gas in vehicles. By integrating a PROXBOX reader into the gas nozzle and an authentication tag within proximity on the vehicle, we can reduce the point of friction for consumers authenticating and selecting their preferred profile of gas consumption.